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4 Weeks for $49

Includes free uniform a $40 value

What will your child learn?

We pride ourselves on being a life skill development academy. Traits of courtesy, respect, confidence & focus go hand in hand with our teaching philosophy. Our traditional martial art, Songahm Taekwondo, is not designed for fighting, but is designed to teach practical & formidable self defense, all within a safe fun environment.

What is the cost of monthly tuition after the trial?

Glad you asked! Empower Martial Arts requires NO Contracts, & NO Down Payments.

  • $150 for the one student

  • $225 for 2 students(family membership)

  • $275 for 3 students(family membership)

  • $325 for 4 students(family membership)

  • $350 for 5 students(family membership)


Lets start training! We require all new students to come & check out our academy before their first class. This enables a new student to acclimate & understand our rules and requirements. We call this our "FREE Introductory Lesson." Simply fill in the information below & one of our staff members will get back to you to schedule that lesson.

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